Breastfeeding Technique

Find a comfortable place and sit up straight. Place pillows on your side to support your arm or invest in a breastfeeding pillow. Lay your baby across your chest. The baby's body should be in a straight line. Support the baby's head with one hand and your breast with the other. Place your thumb on the top...

How To Tell If Your Baby Is Hungry

Signs Your Baby Is Hungry Excited when seeing bottle or breast Sucking on hands or fists Fussing or crying Eagerly sucking on bottle or breast Gazing or smiling while eating Signs Your Baby Is Full Relaxing or falling asleep Slowing down or stops actively sucking Turning head or releasing nipple Turning away from bottle Starts looking around or gets distracted

Understanding your baby’s hearing and milestones

Babies use hearing to develop language and speech skills for communication. The newborn hearing screening is a simple, non-invasive way to know if your baby can hear, or if further testing will be needed. The test should take less than 15 minutes and it is safe and painless. Some babies will not pass the first...

Baby’s First Smile

Baby’s First Smile The first few smiles you see will most likely be reflex smiles. These smiles generally occur when the baby is sleeping or has gas. The reflex smile usually disappears around two months. The first real smile or social smile usually occurs around week 6 to week 12.  However, every baby is different...

Bottle Feeding Tips

While feeding from a bottle may appear to be simple, there are some important techniques you need to know in order to efficiently feed the baby, as well as limit the amount of air they may intake. When a baby ingests air, it creates gas and will make them uncomfortable. They will not be...
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