Breastfeeding – Signs of a Good Latch

Baby's mouth is open wide. Lips are relaxed outward. Baby is actively sucking. You will hear the baby swallow. Baby's body should be in a straight line facing you. Baby's chin should be able to move on breast. If you feel pain, unlatch and try again.

Breastfeeding Technique

Find a comfortable place and sit up straight. Place pillows on your side to support your arm or invest in a breastfeeding pillow. Lay your baby across your chest. The baby's body should be in a straight line. Support the baby's head with one hand and your breast with the other. Place your thumb on the top...

Bottle Feeding Tips

While feeding from a bottle may appear to be simple, there are some important techniques you need to know in order to efficiently feed the baby, as well as limit the amount of air they may intake. When a baby ingests air, it creates gas and will make them uncomfortable. They will not be...
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