Dark Line On Stomach During Pregnancy

What causes the dark line on my stomach during pregnancy? The dark line running down your stomach is caused by increased melanin due to higher hormone levels during pregnancy. The dark line is called “lines nigra.” The line generally appears around the beginning of the second trimester as your hormone levels increase. The color may darker...

First Period After Baby is Born

Most women will have their first menstrual cycle within seven to nine weeks after giving birth. Mothers that are breastfeeding may have a delayed cycle. Usually nursing mothers will start around twelve weeks postpartum, however, some may not until they have finished breastfeeding. Always use conception because ovulation may occur before the first menstrual...

Hair Loss After Baby is Born

It is normal for new moms to notice hair loss the first few months after having a baby. This is because your estrogen levels decrease rapidly and the hair follicles enter a resting stage. This condition is known as excessive hair shedding and it is only temporary. Not to worry, your hair will return...
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