One of the first questions many people ask after finding out they are pregnant is “When do I get my first ultrasound?” Most women will agree they enjoy getting an ultrasound. In short, you usually get this at the end of your first trimester. This can also be used to determine your due date, as they measure the size of the fetus, which allows them to estimate your delivery date. This may also be known as the ‘dating scan.’

Most people have at least one ultrasound during their pregnancy, while many have more than one. The procedure is usually performed at your doctor’s office or at a hospital. They will bring you to a room and have you lay on a table. Ultrasound gel is then applied to your belly. They will then move hand-held wand over your belly, showing the fetus. There are certain scenarios where a vaginal ultrasound may be used. This allows the examiner to view the fetus from your cervix.

During the first trimester, they will look for the baby’s heart rate, umbilical cord, placenta, and the number of babies. During the second trimester, they can see much more detail and will look for items such as the head, face, spine, heart, limbs, and see the placenta in more detail.

Throughout this process, the examiner will be performing many different types of measurements to see if there are any issues/defects that need to be reviewed further by your doctor.